A Quick Overview Of Deciding On Critical Factors In Gambling Slot Machines

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Subtract the $500,000 that represent your wagers, and that means you have a profit of $239,425. Divide that by $500,000 in wagers, then multiply by 100 to convert to percent, and your edge over the house is 47.885%. If you had an unlimited supply of match-play coupons and never made a bet without one, you would have a 47.885% edge over the house. QUESTION: Are basic strategy cards (in blackjack) just for your first two cards, or do they apply to the totals after more cards? That is, if Im supposed to hit 14 when the dealer has a 9, do I still hit when my 14 is a 7, 6 and ace besides when its a 9 and 5, 10 and 4 or 8 and 6? ANSWER: In most cases, yes, you should follow the same strategy with three or more cards as with two. You still hit 14 against a 9 no matter how many cards make up your 14. The most common exception comes on double down hands. Youre allowed to double down on only your first two cards, so if you have a three-card 11, you can only hit, not double.

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