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| Thu Sep 22, 2016 | 4:56pm EDT Chicago police officer pleads not guilty to civil rights charges CHICAGO A Chicago policeman who was indicted on federal civil rights charges after being captured on a dashboard camera firing into a car full of teenagers, wounding two of them, pleaded not guilty on Thursday, a court official said. Marco Proano, 41, was charged last week in a two-count indictment in U.S. District Court in Chicago for allegedly using unreasonable force with a dangerous weapon. A clerk for Judge Gary Feinerman confirmed by telephone the plea which had been reported by local media. Proano's attorney, Daniel Herbert, could not be reached for comment on Thursday. A video of the incident, which has been widely published online, shows Proano shooting his gun multiple times at close range into the teens' vehicle as it backs away from him. The shooting took place in December 2013. Incidents like this have provoked intense criticism of Chicago's police force. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was scheduled to give a major speech on Thursday night on public safety, the police and the city's plans to combat crime. (Reporting by Timothy Mclaughlin; Editing by Richard Chang) Next In U.S.

Its almost like Im fighting a clone of myself. He kind of has that Mike Tyson style, and thats what I expect to see. If he doesnt come at me that way, then Ill have to have a game plan for something else. Is Latimore your toughest fight to date? Oh, yeah, sure, 100 percent. His record says it all. Hes athletic. From just what Ive seen of his past fights, he would be the toughest guy Ive fought so far. What are the keys to this fight? I think you always find the keys within the first couple rounds of the fight. Thats when you figure someone out. I figure Im just going to be patient, and wait for my shot and when it comes, take it. How is it working with Freddie Roach? Ive สโบเบท 888 been working with Freddie for about a year now.

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