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Drinking while pregnant 'just Russian roulette'

Photo: Getty Images It's very accessible. Something of those issues need to be addressed," he said. Profs Sellman and Connor described the disorder as a "preventable tragedy" and said drinking also increased the risk of stillbirth, cot death and breast cancer. They called on the Government to change rules on the advertising, price and availability of alcohol. The most important guide for the Government was the Law Commission's 2010 report on curbing the harm from alcohol, they said. At the time, Labour criticised the government for tinkering rather than making substantial changes but present Health Minister David Clark said, while the data was concerning, there were no proposals for legislative change in the area.

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Police: Arkansas 15-year-old killed while playing Russian roulette

For what it’s worth, though, “mostly want” and “mostly does not want” isn’t a description of parents I’d choose for myself. Would you choose them for you? Do you truly want to bring a child into the world with a reluctant partner? Or are you stressed and feel that having a baby to nurture would be a comfort to you right now? A therapist friend once told me she saw women having babies when they hit major stress points in their lives because the nurturing hormones are very soothing and give women the idea they can deal. She knew this because it was happening to her at that time. She compromised with her husband and they got a puppy; her urges for another baby went away pretty quickly. DEAR ANONYMOUS: Baby as stress-reducer, that’s a new one for me. And counterintuitive for sure, though babies do certainly clarify things for people who aren’t sure what they’re going to do with their time for the next 20 years. While “Deciding to have or not to have a baby seems like too enormous a decision for mere mortals” is a stunning abdication of responsibility, let’s indulge it for a minute.

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