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You won, now you govern and legislate, but not at any price." "Romania needs a strong government, not one that shyly executes party orders," said Iohannis, a former leader of the center-right opposition. "You should legislate for Romania, not for a group of politicians with problems." "The resignation of a single minister is too little and early elections would at this stage be too much. This is the available room for maneuver." Romania's government revoked the decree on Sunday after 250,000 protesters turned out in Bucharest, numbers not seen since the fall of communism in 1989. The order would have decriminalised a number of graft offences. Crowds called for Grindeanu's cabinet to resign. One minister quit over the decree last week, saying he could not support it. Some 25,000 rallied again in the capital Bucharest on Monday evening, far fewer than on Sunday. It was unclear whether the fall in turnout meant the government had ridden out the storm or had earned only a temporary respite. (Additional reporting by Luiza Ilie; Writing by Matt Robinson; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky) A pro-government protester holds up a baby owl and an image of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis depicted as a Nazi soldier of Hitler's paramilitary SS Schutzstaffel organisation in front of the presidential office in Bucharest, Romania February 6, 2017.

For 2017, it's 7:1. They lengthen every year right up to 20:1 for an impeachment in 2020. The divisive president's removal from office is not the only thing gamblers can bet on at Paddy Power. Trump splitting from Melania, painting the White House gold and heading to North Korea for his first state visit are all theoretical eventualities blackjack rules gamblers can spend on. The company is also offering 4:1 on the chances of a compromising video involving Trump being posted online, according to a section titled "Donald Trump Specials." View photos Image: Paddy Power Paddy Power is not the only company offering bets on an impeachment either; Ladbrokes brought theirs right down to evens in January. Labrokes bets include the possibility of a resignation too. Impeachment has only happened to two other U.S. presidents Bill Clinton in the 20th Century and Andrew Johnson during the 19th Century. It's a lengthy and complicated process, but legally speaking, it's a possibility for Trump, according to some legal experts. Trump has already violated the part of the U.S. Constitution that bars him from receiving payments from foreign governments, according to John Bonifaz, a lawyer and president of Free Speech for People. Bonifaz, whose organization helped start the Impeach Donald Trump Now campaign told Democracy Now!

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