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After a certain completely indeterminate amount of time, every pull of the toilet lever is like a little game of Russian roulette. Think of the adrenaline rush! Its like jumping out of a plane, pulling the cord and not knowing whether the parachute will deploy, except instead of plummeting to your death, you get a pool of raw sewage bubbling up in your shower, on your lawn, wherever. OK, its not quite that bad. Truth be told, living on septic is mostly hassle-free, and if you want to live in any rural location, its the only option. The problem is, when the hassle arrives, like it did for us last week, it can teeter-totter between a pervasive nagging fear and the worst kind of domestic misery you can imagine. We lived on septic systems in three different houses in Los Osos over the course of many years. Two of them were fine, but the third was literally a fill-in-the-blank show every winter. It was built on ground level in one of the lowest spots in town, and any time it rained real hard for a few days, the earth became saturated, the septic system failed and everything backed up into the house. Wed have to get the thing pumped almost annually, and each winter, our landlord would cut the rent by however many days we were unable to use the plumbing.

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The Chase format is different now. Nobody takes a points lead into the final race. A series of eliminations trims the Chase field from 16 drivers to four. The points are reset so the four are in a dead heat going into the final race. Of those four, the driver who finishes best at Homestead wins the championship. The 2010 debacle aside, Hamlin knows how to drive Homestead. He has won there twice and has seven top-10 finishes in his 11 starts at the track. The only drivers who have won more races there, with three apiece, are Greg Biffle, whos not in the Chase field, and Stewart. Stewart, 45, has announced this is his final season of full-time Cup racing.

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